Terrifying giant spiders’ web in Greece tourist resort is 1000ft long

It is a scene reminiscent of a science fiction movie – but this is in fact a huge SPIDERS’ WEB.

The eerie sight stunned locals in western Greece, where creepy crawlies went to work creating a blanket covering a huge area of greenery.

The web, in Aitoliko, is around 1,000ft, or 300 metres, in size.

Experts believe that warm weather is to blame, with conditions ideal for spiders who come to the tourist hotspot to mate.

A rise in the mosquito population could also explain the phenomenon.

The stunning sight can be seen in the tourist hotspot

Experts do not expect the creepy spiders web to last long

The spiders behind the unusual masterpiece are reported to be Tetragnatha insects.

But anyone who wants to see the web should get there soon, as it is not expected to last long.

Professor Maria Chatzaki told Newsit.gr : “High temperatures, sufficient humidity and food created the ideal conditions for the species to reproduce in large numbers.

“It’s as if the spiders are taking advantage of these conditions and are having a kind of a party.”

Warm weather is thought to be to blame for the strange sight

Experts say it is a seasonal phenomenon, caused by Tetragnatha spiders

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However their excitement will not have a happy ending, she said.

Prof Chatzaki stated: “The spiders will have their party and will soon die.”

Tetragnatha spiders are often referred to as ‘stretch spiders’ because of their long bodies, and commonly make their webs close to large areas of water.

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