There’s something seriously wrong with this surf competition photo – and people are fuming

At first glance, it simply looks like a picture of two surf competition winners, chuffed and holding their prizes as they grin.

Look a little more closely, however, and you’ll see there’s something wrong with the photo of the Ballito Pro junior boy and girl champions this week.

Yes, it’s meant to be celebratory, but for the more eagle-eyed, the Billabong-sponsored surfing competition has also hit a seriously bum note.

And it’s all to do with the prizes.

In the image we see winners Rio Waida and Zoë Steyn smiling.

Can you spot it?

Lucky old Rio gets to take home 8000 South African rand (£442) for his surfing victory, while Zoe got awarded HALF OF THAT.

Yep, don’t be fooled by all the lip service being paid to addressing to gender inequality. It’s still very much alive and well.

It wasn’t long before the photo sparked outrage.

Unfortunately, it seems this approach to prize money is pretty much an industry standard.

So, if you win the World Surf League Championship Tour as a woman you’ll be rewarded with the equivalent of £45k, which is a tidy sum.

If you happen to be a man however, you take home £76.5k, Mamamia explains.

Apparently this pretty standard in surfing

When the World Surf League, who determine all prize money was approached about the disparity, regional manager Will Hayden-Smith told Triple J’s Hack that the difference was due to the number of competitors in each competition.

“Men get double the prize money only because there are double the competitors.”

Apparently the prize is calculated by each surfer, and there were half the number of women in the competition than there were men.

So we guess that’s alright then…

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