Woman gets rewarded with ‘disgusting and saddest meal ever’ after waiting for two hours

Waiting ages after you order for your meal to arrive to can result in a tide of negative emotions.

But the only thing worse than “hanger” is getting your meal and realising it’s a complete a disaster.

Sounds hellish, doesn’t it?

Sadly, this was precisely what recently happened to Taylor Mooney when she took her dad out for Father’s Day.

She placed her order with the rest of her family.

Two hours later, this is what turned up.

Vegan Taylor had been trying out a new German restaurant with her family and ordered the only vegan item on the menu, the veggie pretzel bun which cost over a fiver.

It’s not much better with the bun closed


Yes, that’s a smattering of green beans and three baby carrots in a dry bun.

The offending dish was the only one on the menu at Kathrin’s Biergarten in Rocklin, California, which was vegan friendly.

“My meal was so dry I had to drown it in mustard and sauerkraut. When I actually started eating it was so gross. Crunchy vegetables on dry bread does not go at all – it’s such a weird texture!” Mooney told UNILAD .

She seems to have seen the funny side

She added that the meal was the “saddest looking thing”.

“Everyone else had massive plates with tons of food on it and mine came out with just this and it was the saddest looking thing and all our jaws dropped and then we started laughing at it because we were expecting so much more.”

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